We start this months repairs with a straight forward service item replacement. The Pollen Filter.

At service time when your vehicle arrives at the garage we follow an industry standard schedule. A copy of this schedule will be presented to you when your car is delivered back to your home or place of work. One of the questions we are asked after people read the schedule is "whats a pollen filter" and "do I need one". In this article we will answer those questions.

Firstly a pollen filter has three different titles. Pollen filter, Cabin filter, Air conditioning filter.

The main aim of this important filter is to remove harmful contaminants from the air you breathe, making your vehicle healither and safer. The filter also allows air to flow freely preventing misting and condensation of the windows. This important filter is also responsible for safeguarding the ventilation and air conditioning components.

The problems really begin when these filters are not changed every twelve months at service time. The filter becomes blocked with debris like leaves and dust. This then slows the flow of air into the cabin causing windows to mist and visibility to be impaired. Additional strain is then put on the heater blower and air conditioning components. This can lead to expensive repairs involving the heating and air conditioning systems. At service time if  a pollen filter is fitted to your car you can be assured that we will change it has part of your service.


This first picture shows the typical location of a pollen filter. This is the passenger foot well the picture shows the filter being withdrawn from under the dashboard. Look at all the leaves and debris falling out of the filter.


The next picture shows the filters side by side the new one and the old one. Notice the difference you can now see why its important to change the pollen filter at the annual service.


 Finally the new filter going back into the dashboard not to be seen for another twelve months. A simple filter doing a very important task. The good old pollen filter.