Renault Clio rear axle replacement. 

This repair involves a Renault Clio. The Clio was parked outside the owners house and some lowlife in a transit van came speeding down the street and clipped the corner of the car. Needless to say the van didn't stop and the customer contacted me at the garage to offer a quote for the repair. After looking at the car we could see slight scratch damage to the bumper, but after taking the car for a test drive it was obvious something more serious had occured. The Clio was very unstable when driving and after looking at the car on the ramp I confirmed the damage to the axle. The passenger side rear wheel was actually pointing inward, causing the wheel to drag along the road. After discussing all the repair options with the customer it was decided the best way to proceed was to replace the axle with a second hand part from a local salvage yard. This decision was based on cost, and on the fact that the rear axle on the Clio is a straight forward component and would not compromise the Clio's safety or future value.

   This first picture shows the axle being disconnected and lowered from the car.


With the axle removed we can check brake pipes and suspension components that conect to the axle.


The replacement axle can now be checked and the original brake parts from the Clio's axle can be added.


With the axle replaced and the test drive complete the Clio can be delivered back to the customer.