In keeping with our open and honest policy, items that may appear on your invoice are explained in this list.

Motor oil flush is added to your engine prior to the oil change to remove contamination and provide anti- wear protection.

Fuel injector cleaner is added to your petrol tank during the service to reduce exhaust emissions and to improve fuel economy.

Brake cleaner is used to remove harmful brake dust prior to dismantling and servicing the brake system.

Waste oil and fluid disposal the garage is registered with the environment agency for the safe and environmentally friendly removal of oil and contaminated fluids.

Technical data this data is critical in the repair of modern cars from vital service information to timing belt tensions and wiring diagrams.

Radio codes on some cars radio codes will be lost when work is carried out on electrical systems. It is the owners responsibility to keep the code safe after purchasing the the car. 

Vehicle delivery a small fee as been added to your invoice. Due to the time and fuel costs that the garage incurs when picking up and delivering vehicles.

MOT tests are carried out by appointment and not on demand. Remember to contact the garage one month before the expiry date. this allows time for the test to be booked at a mutually convenient date.

Timing belts fail without warning on all vehicles. In most cases your only protection is to change the belt at the recommended intervals. Timing belt failure will cause damage to the engine and lead to expensive repairs.   

Labour is charged at the same rate for all general repairs, although extra costs may be incurred when working on complex systems. These include ABS braking systems, airbags, fuel injection systems and exhaust emissions. These repairs involve the use of special equipment to analyse and trace faults. The customer will be contacted prior to these extra costs being applied.