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 Paul's new website

The website is finally on line! After many frustrating hours typing and adding photos we can at last publish the website. The site has been put together to provide information for the customers of Summers Street Garage. The site will be updated on a weekly basis and will feature many items. Including news, information and repairs on customers cars. Please feel free to leave any comments on the guest page. Please comment on the service you have received from us and any thoughts on how to improve the service we provide. We hope you find the site useful and informative. 

 Credit Card Payments

After numerous requests from customers to pay with credit and debit cards. We recently took delivery of a new payment terminal. The terminal is the very latest technology and allows us to take the payment on your doorstep. If when we deliver your car you are not available to make the payment, we will contact you in the evening to take the payment over the phone. This will further enhance our stress free pick up and delivery service.  



 AA Patrols

The AA has recently announced that it will be reintroducing motorcycle patrols, after last using them in the 1990s. The AA say more than a third of its breakdowns are down to simple faults, flat tyres, flat batteries and running out of fuel. These faults can be dealt with in 60% less time by motorcycle, than by the usual van.  So when  you break down in traffic, the AA bikes will slice through the queues and get  to you faster. That's good news for AA members. Also let it be known Summers Street Garage is a big fan of the AA and RAC recovery services. These patrols provide an excellent service and we recommend all customers have some form of breakdown cover in place.


Ricky Hatton

Take a look in the gallery. See the car that "world boxing champion" Ricky has been driving around Manchester.



I was delivering  a customers car to an address in Manchester recently. When I came across this Ford Mondeo at the side of the road. At first it looks like it has been in an accident. I took a closer look and could see that the lower suspension ball joint had failed. This allowed the wheel to fold out from the car. This is  a very serious fault and should have been picked up when the car was serviced. So we can only assume the car has missed a service or the fault has been missed by the mechanic. Rest assured that when we service your car these type of faults will be found and made safe...