The gallery contains pictures of customers cars. We also included interesting cars from around the world.


This car is one of the first Fiats ever made

Lexus 400 "Superb car"

Reliant 3 wheeler with a difference "Its a convertible"!

The 3 wheeler was converted by a friend of the garage. It is pulled behind a mobile home and recently toured Europe.

 Fiat Cinquecento sporting

The Sinclair C5 was ridiculed when first introduced. Looking back though Trevor Sinclair may have the last laugh. With high petrol prices and congestion charges we may all soon be riding around in C5s

Honda Gold wing converted into a trike using a Robin Reliant rear axle.  

Farm tractor driven by Fred the puppet. Part of my nephews school project.

Paul's Golf 11 years old and still going strong. This car has received a major service and mot once a year. It has never had any major repairs only brakes and exhaust. "They don't make them like that anymore"!!


Renault Formula 1 car Oldham town centre

 Paul's youngest Daughter Faye takes a closer look

Renault Formula 1 car

Ford Sierra Cosworth  

This "Only fools and horses" 3 wheeler is owned by world champion boxer Ricky Hatton and recently arrived at a friends garage for some repairs. Prior to a televison apperance later this year.


Until recently Ricky still drove the car around his home town of Hatersley, Manchester. Hats off to Ricky Hatton. Despite being a millionaire he has stayed loyal to his working class roots.