This months repair involves a water leak on a Renault Clio.

The Renault Clio arrived at the garage with steam coming out from under the bonnet and the customer complaining of a temperature gauge problem. After the steam had cleared we took a look under the bonnet. The customer had topped the water up before driving to the garage and although there was a leak it was difficult to find. In these cases we always reach for the coolant pressure tester. The coolant pressure tool can be used to apply pressure to the coolant system. With pressure applied we can then "force" the leak.

With the gauge attached we can then bring the pressure up to normal operating pressure and look for signs of the leak.

When we look closely at the gauge the needle can be seen to drop as the water leaks out and the pressure drops. This confirms the water leak is present.

 After further examination we found the leak.

 With water leaking from below the thermostat housing we removed it for a closer look.

 With the housing removed we can clearly see where the water leaked past the seal.