The first repair of the new year involves an MOT failure on a Nissan Micra. The Micra had failed the test due to corrosion of the front cross member.

After the Micra failed the MOT test the first job was to put the car on the ramp and take a closer look. The corrosion can be clearly seen in these two photo's. 



To replace the cross member is a very involved task taking many hours to complete. The first task is to remove the front bumper and radiator to gain access to the panel.



With the front of the car removed we can now see the panel and begin to remove it.


With the crossmember removed we can now compare the old and new side by side.


With the new crossmember in place we can now weld it into position and seal it to prevent further corrosion.




With the repair completed the radiator and bumper can be reassembled.


With the repair completed the car is washed and returned for the MOT retest. Passing the test is confirmation of another quality repair.