This months repair involves a Ford Fiesta which had occasionally struggled to start during the recent cold spell.

On a recent frosty morning we received a call from a customer who taken the bus to work after his Ford Fiesta had refused to start. When we arrived at the car we tried the key and the ignition lights came on, but the engine refused to crank over. We had the Fiesta transported to the garage so that we could do some testing in the warm workshop.


The first test was to see if the starter received a voltage from the ignition switch. This voltage was present. While taking this mesurement with the meter, I noticed a wire going into the starter body that had actually melted. This confirms total starter motor failure and a new Bosch unit was ordered from our local parts supplier.


 Here you can see the old and new starters side by side to compare before fitting.


 The new starter is fitted to the engine and it starts first time.  


The winter months have a habit of finishing off any parts that are coming to the end of their natural life. Batteries are a good example. In the recent winter freeze battery replacements have more than doubled at the garage. Luckily we have a good supply of  Bosch quality batteries.